The UNICORN Castle’s Haunted Cinema

2023-2024 GAME: The Quest for the Endowed Chair—Preliminaries

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This game is one in a series of developmental experiments for achieving the vision, mission, and immediate goals of The UNICORN Castle. Many of the items used in this game are not original to the UNICORN Castle. They have been borrowed for educational and experimental purposes. This game is therefore not open to the general public.

You will need a set of dice for this game. If you are online, here is are some links to some digital dice:

You will need a password in order to BEGIN→

CREDITS—The UNICORN Castle Task Force:
Originally Conceived by Carol L. Robinson, Pamela Clements, and Lesley Coote
“The Quest for the Endowed Chair” by Lauryn S. Mayer and Carol Jamison

Mozilla Hubs Construction by Carol Jamison and Carol L. Robinson
Video and Web Work by Carol L. Robinson