Choose Your Character: 

Agnes the Prostitute
DESCRIPTION: A French, secular, cis female who is attracted to women, Agnes enjoys acrobatics, knife-throwing, wrestling, and making potions.

Alice the Merchant
DESCRIPTION: A French, Christian, cis female attracted to men, Alice enjoys going on pilgrimages and gambling.

Anne the Midwife
DESCRIPTION: An English, nature-worshipping, nonbinary pansexual, Anne is interested in medicine, astrology, and botany.

Anselm the Parson
DESCRIPTION: A German, Christian, cis male who is asexual, Anselm suffers from symptoms of what modern medicine would term as multiple sclerosis; he is interested in arcana, history, religion, languages, whittling.

Clara the Cook
DESCRIPTION: A French, agnostic, cis female lesbian, Clara enjoys  gardening and birdwatching. She is also deaf, but not mute. Indeed, she is quite talkative.

Clyde the Manor Steward
DESCRIPTION: A Scottish, Christian, cis male attracted to men, Clyde enjoys animal handling, arcana, herbalism, chicken farming, and hiking. (He keeps a tamed squirrel in his pocket!)

Elnara the Trovaritz & Acrobat
DESCRIPTION: A Selijuk Turk, Muslim, trans female attracted to me, Elnara has a lovely singing voice, and—in addition to being an acrobat—enjoys playing the tambourine, the drum, and the harp.

Eleanor the Herbalist & Physician
DESCRIPTION: A Spanish, Muslim, gender fluid pansexual, Eleanor is an introvert who enjoys making potions and salves, keeping bees, practicing medicine, and experimenting with alchemy.

Emre the Goldsmith
DESCRIPTION: A Muslim cis male bisexual from Constantinople, Emre (who was born with a withered leg) enjoys entertaining people with his juggling and harp playing.

Eva the Mystic & Mendicant
DESCRIPTION: An English, Christian, cis female pansexual, Eva suffers from frequent bouts of depression. She is a polyglot who studies religion, history, meditation, and composing hymns.

Fernando the Brewer
DESCRIPTION: A Jewish Spaniard, Fernando is a cis male attracted to women. He suffers from anxieties and is OCD, but he is also athletic and has interests in religion, alchemy, beekeeping, gardening, and archery.

Ian the Stonemason
DESCRIPTION: A Jew from Ireland, Ian is a cis male attracted to men. He is an athlete who particularly enjoys wrestling and playing the fiddle. He deals with personal symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.

Isabella the Nun and Chronicler
DESCRIPTION: An Italian Christian, Isabella is a cis female who is attracted to women. She has the symptoms of ADHD. She is particularly interested in arcana, history, languages, and poetry.

Jahzara the Clerk
DESCRIPTION: Originally from the Kingdom of Kongo. Jahzara is outwardly Christian but inwardly still practicing the religious traditions of the Bantu. Jahzara is gender fluid, attracted to women. Jahzara’s studies include astrology, the harp, religion, literature, storytelling, and art.

Jiro the Mercenary Knight
DESCRIPTION: A Japanese agnostic interested in religious studies and languages, Jiro is a gender fluid pansexual who has a natural gift for languages (a polyglot).

Justina the Weaver
DESCRIPTION: An Afro-Byzantine Christian, Justina is a cis female, attracted to women. She is blind. In addition to her lovely weaving, she creates pottery and sings.

Mariana the Court Poet (and Spy)
DESCRIPTION: A Spanish Jew, Mariana is gender fluid and pansexual. She likes to play the tambourine and is interested in learning various languages.

Matthew the Outlaw Yeoman
DESCRIPTION: A Welsh Christian who is devoted to Mary, Matthew is a trans man attracted to women (cis or trans). He enjoys performing acrobatics, playing the flute, animal handling, and hunting.

Nicholas the Peddlar
DESCRIPTION: A Dutchman who is nominally Christian, Nicholas is nonbinary in gender, attracted to women. He is interested in languages, playing the bagpipes, playing dice games, and foraging.

Olyver the Mercenary Knight
DESCRIPTION: A French, cis male attracted to women, Olyver has no other religion except that which involves worshipping himself. Suffering from symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, Olyver enjoys himself jousting, himself brawling, and himself drinking.

Richard the Petty Thief & Forger
DESCRIPTION: Richard is an Englishman who has contempt for all forms of religion. Mysteriously, he knows monastic sign language. He is a bisexual cis male who enjoys gambling and playing the bagpipes.

Robert the Shepherd
DESCRIPTION: An Irish, nonbinary asexual, Robert worships nature (the ancient Celtic pantheon of gods and goddesses known as the Tuatha Dé Danann).  While he is mute, he is not deaf. He enjoys handling animals, especially training dogs, tracking and playing the flute.

Roger the Shrubber

Thaddeus the Goliard & Jongleur
DESCRIPTION: An Irish, Christian, cis male, Thaddeus is attracted to women. He is considers himself to be an acrobat, but he also plays the harp, drum, and flute.

Walter the Wheelwright & Cooper
DESCRIPTION: An English Lollard, Walter is a cis male attracted to men. He is fascinated with languages and with translating them. He also likes walking and archery.

At least two of the characters below must be played together (by two players). They are from Val di Noto, Kingdom of Sicily.*

Cliupatra the Dancer
DESCRIPTION: Sexy, seductive Cliupatra is a pansexual cis female. She’s a graceful dancer, with or without clothes.

Fantino the Cook
DESCRIPTION: Fantino is an asexual cis male who is a good cook, as well as very good with mathematics.

Ignazia the Acrobat
DESCRIPTION: Ignazia is a cis female, attracted to men. She is good at tumbling, beam walking and dancing.

Luca the Acrobat
DESCRIPTION: Luca is a cis male, attracted to men. He has a natural sense of rhythm and can juggle, tumble, walking on a tight rope, walk on a beam, and play the drum.

Valentina the Prostitute
DESCRIPTION: Valentian ais a cis female pansexual. She’s intelligent and can read and write.

Tulliu the Weaver
DESCRIPTION: Tulliu is a cis male, attracted to women. He is very good at weaving cloth.

*Deaf people were mostly isolated in medieval times, and in medieval Europe they were considered to be demonic. Without community, it is more difficult for language (including a sign language) to develop. Currently, there is a large number of Deaf on the Island of Sicily. These medieval characters exist on the assumption/hope that there was a Deaf community on this island during medieval times.

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