CFP: 2023 International Conference for the Study of Medievalism

October 26-28, 2023
International Society for the Study of Medievalism
Submission Deadline Extended:
September 15, 2023

The 2023 conference will be hosted by The UNICORN Castle! Most scholarly presentations will be conducted via Zoom technology; some of the entertainment and scholarly presentations (by request) will be conducted in an online gaming style environment; some of the presentations and responses will be conducted asynchronously in a password protected environment. It will possible for a presentation to be both synchronous and asynchronous (presented live and then posted in a password protected environment. 

While proposals for papers, workshops, and panels that address any aspect of the study of medievalism will be considered, this year’s theme is set to inspire a particular focus.

Theme: The Medieval in Cyberspace

From Beowulf on Steorarume to contemporary novels (in e-text form), films, and video games: the medieval has been represented in digital form on the World Wide Web since the late 1990s. This conference invites proposals for papers, paper sessions, round tables, panels, and workshops that celebrate, rebuke, categorize, visualize, analyze, and/or prophesize all items that contain elements of the medieval to be found on the Internet.  However, we invite papers and presentations on all topics of medievalism, not limited to this year’s conference theme. We particularly welcome proposals from presenters in (or addressing topics related to) regions outside North America, Western Europe, and the Anglophone world.

Topic Suggestions:
Artificial Intelligence and Medievalism
Medieval Studies Online
Medieval Pedagogy Online
Medievalism and Online Politics
Medievalism and Propaganda
Medievalism and Religion Online
Digital Facsimiles of the Medieval
The Business Philosophy of Medievalism
The Video Game Industry and Medievalism
The Film Industry and Medievalism
Fan Fiction and Medievalism
Art and Medievalism
Global Medievalism Online
Cyberpunk Medievalism
Medievalism and Racism Online
Medievalism and Misogyny Online
Medievalism and Ablism Online
Medievalism and Homophobia/Transphobia Online
Lost Provinces, or Lost and Found Medievalisms Online

Send proposals (abstracts of 250-300 words each) to  Carol L. Robinson at




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