Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Actions Controls Context
Move Arrow Keys or W, A, S, D keys
Turn Q and E or left mouse button
Teleport Right mouse button
Toggle fly mode G or type /fly in chat
Move faster Shift In conjunction with using other keys to move
Show menus Hold Space
Toggle menus Tab
Toggle UI ` (backtick key)
Toggle microphone mute M
Focus chat T
Inspect your avatar I
Focus on media or someone’s avatar F Hover over the media or someone’s avatar you’d like to inspect
Rotate object Move mouse After pressing and holding the “rotate” button in the object’s menu
Scale object Shift + Mouse wheel While holding an object
Move object closer/away Mouse wheel While holding an object
Drop pen or camera Right mouse button or Escape While holding a pen or camera
Next/previous pen color Shift + E, Shift + Q While holding a pen
Change pen size Shift + Mouse wheel While holding a pen
Undo pen stroke Ctrl + Z While holding a pen
Take photo Left mouse button While holding a camera
Increase/decrease media volume Mouse wheel While hovering over media
Exit camera mirror mode Escape
Search the web Ctrl-[1-7]
Spawn from Chat Ctrl-Enter While typing into chat box
I’m Feeling Lucky Ctrl-Enter While searching content
Emotes Numbers 1-7

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